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Episode 6 “The Cloak of Wheels” Chapter 5 / TURN of the BLADE / Book 1: The Fairy Lore of Ghost Horse Hollow

May 31, 2020

Panther MacKennon, Black Bottom the Rooster, and Purry Paw the Siamese Cat listen at the top of the stairs to the heated conversation in the kitchen below between Hannah and Jake. As the couple's wooden chair ponies and hounds argue back and forth, Jake convinces Hannah to let Panther serve as a translator at his dangerous evening meeting with Tormac, the crafty and unpredictable Autumn Fairy Prince. 

Hannah orders Sir Finnias Glowgold, the Household Light Fairy, to awaken a magic cloak with a special wand for Panther's protection. With the Cloak of Wheels swirling behind her, Panther joins her father, White Hand, and Aaron Ray, the homestead's metalsmith, and sets off for the Dead Oak Tree north of Ghost Horse Hollow.

Sir Finnias follows Hannah's instructions and slips into the stormy night to secretly accompany her daughter. 

Sponsored by Ghost Horse Gifts featuring the fine intaglio jewelry and gemstone sculpture of Appalachian artisan Jack Williamson.

& by Jackson Energy, A Touchstone Energy Cooperative

& by the Owsley County Public Library in Booneville, Kentucky 


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