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Episode 5 “The Ponies & The Hounds” Chapter 4 / TURN of the BLADE / Book 1: The Fairy Lore of Ghost Horse Hollow

May 17, 2020

Adeline and Panther MacKennon practice their fairy music lessons in the parlor of the MacKennon homestead with their tutor Sir Finnias Glowgold. Hannah and her kitchen helpers finish preparing the evening meal. After Sir Finnias lights the dinner candles, Cousin Eli unexpectedly delivers two letters from the Opossum Trading Post. White Hand's granddaughter Salina Little Dove plans to visit Ghost Horse Hollow. 

Black Bottom the Rooster suddenly announces his intention to accompany the foolhardy warriors that night to the Dead Oak Tree to face Tormac, the Autumn Fairy Prince, and the dangerous Coyote King. Hannah learns of the men's intentions and an altercation breaks out between Jake and his wife. Panther, Black Bottom, and Sir Finnias Glowgold prepare to listen to the heated discussion from the top of the stairs. 

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